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Rescreens | J & A Glass and Mirrors - Santa Ana, CA

Screen doors and windows serve a valuable purpose, so it pays to keep them in the best condition. Unfortunately, nothing is immune to the ravages of time, and the elements will gradually take their toll on even the toughest of screens. Even without more serious damage, you’ll need to rescreen your doors and windows eventually. When you do, come to J & A Glass and Mirrors first. We know rescreens backwards and forwards and you’re certain to get the very best work from us, every time.

We can complete patio door rescreens in just a few easy steps. Every door is different, so we’ll take a look at yours and find the screen type that matches. The actual rescreening process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes; we’ll be done and out of your hair before you know it. Our screens will last you a long time, and they’ll take whatever life throws at them and keep on working perfectly. Santa Ana, CA knows just how true this is.

Window rescreens are, if anything, even simpler than working on doors. As long as we have the dimensions of your window, we can easily procure a screen that will fit perfectly, and the installation process will be over in a flash. Window screens can have to put up with a lot and a screen from J & A Glass and Mirrors can keep going when others would fail. Rest assured that you’re getting a top quality product along with your top-quality service.

Along with rescreens, we provide other services related to patio doors. J & A Glass and Mirrors will get even the most stubborn door moving again with new patio and screen door roller wheels. By the time we’ve finished, you won’t even recognize your old door, but you will recognize the effort that’s been put into it and the improvement in its operation.

Come to J & A Glass and Mirrors for rescreening! You won’t regret your choice.