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Window Replacement | J & A Glass and Mirrors

We stopped living outdoors a long time ago, but humans have never been able to give up on their roots. Windows aren’t just ways to keep an eye on our...

Rescreens | J & A Glass and Mirrors

Screen doors and windows serve a valuable purpose, so it pays to keep them in the best condition. Unfortunately, nothing is immune to...

Shower Doors | J & A Glass and Mirrors

You might not pay your shower door much mind, but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of such a construction. A good shower...

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Glass is a versatile material, and people have been taking advantage of its unique properties for centuries. Life without glass would be quite strange from our perspective. Today, we take glass for granted, right up until the point something breaks. If that should happen, don’t worry for an instant. Instead, call J & A Glass and Mirrors and let us put everything right. Our motto is “Want a Better Job Call Us” for a reason!

We’ve been hard at work in Santa Ana, CA for a long time, and we’ve earned our reputation as experts in glass and mirrors of all kinds. We’re equally adept at repair and installation; all you have to do to get great service is get in touch with us.

Windows may seem like unchanging things, integral to any building and not likely to need any service apart from a scrub every now and then. That is, of course, up until the point one of them gets broken. We’re ready to replace windows of all shapes and sizes, and we’ll do it quickly and easily.

Shower doors are a specialty of ours, so when you’re remodeling or just in need of a little bathroom care, don’t hesitate to come to us. We can find a door to fit any style and any need.

Talk to us when you’re ready for the best in glass and mirrors! J & A Glass and Mirrors is ready to get started.